I’m Rachel. One of those women who rarely say no and ask for help even less. I grew up in central Florida and had a pretty magical childhood. I get my inability to say no from my mom, who always did her best to say yes, if it was possible. So forts, pool parties, vacations, birthdays and afternoon picnics were a big part of our lives.  Some people dread hearing “You’re just like your mother” but to me its a delightful compliment. My sister, my brother and I have all picked up different traits from her but I got the hostess/creative side. You can name pretty much anything (and trust me, my niece and nephews do) and we can plan a party for it.

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I take my job as Ray Ray, very seriously when it comes to my niece and nephews. That job is to spoil them rotten. Being uncertain as to my ability to carry children, I enjoy every moment I get to spend watching these little guys grow up. Every cuddle heals my souls, every giggle comforts my pain, every kiss wipes away my tears and for that I will always be grateful of my sister. My sister is the oldest and My brother the youngest. We are a big loud family, slightly overwhelming for some. When we go anywhere together its like we are tour group. And boy do we go every where together. Disney is probably our favorite but drive-ins, parties, and vacations are also high on that list.


And even though I could keep going on I think I should leave somethings to actually write the blog about!

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” — The Cheshire Cat

xoxo Rach